Fast growing gym chain opens in Colombia

There’s a good reason why Fitness24Seven is one of Europe's fastest growing fitness chains – now we are ready to show Colombia why.
Christian Ask dressed in a suit standing in a gym environment

Christian Ask, founder of Fitness24Seven

Fitness24Seven started in 2002 when the founder, Christian Ask, moved back to Sweden after living abroad for several years. He felt that there were no workout options with good availability in Sweden where he could exercise regularly at an affordable price. Gyms that offered this service, at that time, were often run poorly. Christian Ask felt that there was an opportunity for a gym chain that could meet these requirements. Based on this, a Mission Statement was created!

Our mission

We want to give you better health through meaningful training and we want that to happen on your own terms. By that we mean that you should be able to work out whenever you want, around the clock, all year-round. You should be able to train with good equipment that suits you, in pleasant premises and at an affordable price.

That gives us the following key stones:

  • Open 24/7 for 365 days – Members decide when to train.

  • Affordable price – Fitness should not be a luxury, a Fitness24Seven-membership is affordable for everyone.

  • 1 card, all gyms – With your membership you gain access to all our gyms in all countries.

  • Women’s Gym – Women tend to train more when training with other women.

  • Unlimited grouptraining included – At selected gyms we offer grouptraining which is also, of course, included in the membership price.

We offer a no locked-in contract alongside our 6 and 12 month memberships. With a no-lock in contract you pay monthly at an affordable price with all the benefits of a 12 or 6-month membership.

Vision of the Future

Fitness24Seven’s vision is to operate 2.500 gyms worldwide in 2025. We shall be the obvious choice for exercisers, regardless of income, gender or religious belief. Fitness24Seven’s trademark is associated with a welcoming atmosphere, availability, affordable price and a gym chain that delivers superior value for money. Our journey in Colombia has just started and we are so excited of being part of this great country. For us the price should never be the reason when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle.

We are opening our first gym in Cali, San Fernando and this will be our first “Big Hello“ to the Colombian population. Soon thereafter, in February, 2018, we will open many more – both Bogotá and Cali, and this is just the beginning.

And hey! Remember, at Fitness24Seven we say the only workout you’ll regret is the one that didn’t happen